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Bone Density Screening New Service At JCF Hospital In Mariposa

MARIPOSA — John C. Fremont Healthcare District is pleased to announce a new service now available in Mariposa at John C. Fremont Hospital – bone density screening.

The District recently installed a Hologic Discovery Bone Densitometry machine in a new suite of the Imaging Services department.

Bone density screenings are a preventative test to help people keep their bones healthy so they can move freely. Bone density screenings are important for determining signs of, or the degree of osteoporosis – a common bone disease that occurs most often in older adults. It makes bones weak and more likely to fracture due to a deficiency in calcium and vitamin D.

Osteoporosis often has no symptoms and fractures due to osteoporosis are common, dangerous and costly. Nearly one in two women and one in four men over the age of 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis. About half of all hip fracture patients over age 50 will never regain a normal level of mobility. These injuries can lead to expensive medical bills for patients. Osteoporosis-related fractures cost patients an estimated $19 billion annually.

“Post-menopausal, hyperthyroid, renal failure, and diabetes are just some of the conditions that can affect bone health leading to osteoporosis,” explains David Williams, Director Imaging Services. “With the bone scan results providers are able to determine if patients need supplemental calcium, medications, diet changes or other measures to help strengthen their bone integrity, and help prevent breaks and maintain mobility.”

“We started performing bone density screenings on February 12th,” says radiographer Xania Moreno. “Our patients are so happy to be able to get their screening here at JCF and not have to travel to the valley. Some of our women patients are scheduling their mammogram and bone scan together. It’s a good feeling to know that our patients appreciate this new service.”

In the last few years the District has invested in new and upgraded equipment for the Imaging Services department, say Lorna Coci, Public Relations Coordinator.

“The mobile MRI unit was upgraded in April 2015, a new Toshiba CT was installed in September 2015, a new GE Precision Radiography machine was installed in May 2016, a new Hologic Digital Mammography machine was installed in October 2017, a new portable x-ray machine was purchased in November 2017, and now the new Densitometry machine,” says Coci. “Overall, the investment in state-of the-art equipment for our Imaging Services brings our community high quality imaging diagnostics services, and a new service that they used to have to travel out of town to receive.”

For additional information or to schedule an imaging services appointment call 209-966-3631, ext. 5041.

Visit the John C. Fremont Healthcare District website: www.jcf-hospital.com.

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