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Bobby Macaulay Completes Final Bass Lake Cleanup for 2021

Bass Lake – Bobby Macaulay, who is running for Supervisor of Madera County’s District 5, notes that he has been spending free time on efforts like this for years. Now, as he meets and gets to know more people, he hopes to motivate them to participate with him.  “It was just common sense to make it a team effort” he explains.

Asked how much trash they managed to collect, Bobby said that EMADCO dropped off two dumpsters for each cleanup, and they were filled completely during each event. In fact, the first cleanup netted such an overabundance of garbage that a few items had to be left next to the dumpster.

Nancy Buck loads trash bags into her vehicle

Nancy and Ed Buck attended most of Macaulay’s clean-up efforts this summer. When asked why they kept coming out to support Macaulay’s mission,  Nancy noted, “its just the right thing to do – we live here and want it to look nice!”

While this is his final Bass Lake Cleanup for 2021, based on the increased need during the tourist season, he is currently entertaining the idea of organizing other clean-ups throughout our mountain communities during the year. On the docket is the Oakhurst Community Park and Manzanita Lake recreation areas. Ultimately, the team will organize as the need appears and the weather allows.

To volunteer for future cleanups or to offer suggestions for projects, please reach out to BobbyMacaulay4D5@gmail.com or visit www.BobbyMacaulay.com 

Photos courtesy of Bobby Macaulay.

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