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Boat Permits To Be Available At Bass Lake Businesses

BASS LAKE — Getting a permit for your boat or jet ski at Bass Lake this summer will be a breeze thanks to an agreement between the Madera County Sheriff’s Office and the anchor businesses at the lake – Miller’s Landing, The Forks Resort and Bass Lake Boat Rentals at The Pines.

In years past, boating permits were sold to boaters at the County-owned Island on Bass Lake by two part-time, extra-help employees. This not only had a financial impact on taxpayers, it was inconvenient for boat owners navigating the narrow lanes that lead in to the Sheriff’s island, and quite irritating to the property owners along the way when folks towing boat trailers got hemmed in along the tight streets.

These new agreements are a win-win-win, saving the County money on extra part-time employees, providing convenience for boat owners, and building traffic into the businesses along the lake that have suffered financially for too many seasons with low water levels and depressed tourism.

The County will also see benefits in limited liability, save wear and tear to County-owned docks and facilities, and see increased revenue in the form of sales tax due to an anticipated bump in sales at Bass Lake businesses as permit seekers engage in a bit of impulse buying.

“This process is similar to that of the sale of fishing licenses, which these vendors are currently selling for the State,” said the Sheriff’s Office in their agenda item submittal to the Board of Supervisors on Apr. 19. “The vendors have agreed to sell the stickers at no cost to the County and no mark-up to boaters. The sale of boating permits by vendors will potentially boost local business revenue, as many customers will purchase other items while purchasing their boating stickers which will in turn increase sales and tax revenue.”

Michelle Miller of Miller’s Landing is very excited about the new arrangement, and expects to start selling the permits some time before Memorial Day.

“We’ll be doing exactly what they did on the island, they can just pay their fee and go,” says Michelle, who notes that they will accept cash, check or credit card, and offer permits during regular summer business hours between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. “We think this is a great opportunity for someone who hasn’t discovered us to find out what we have to offer.”

Michelle says boaters will be able to pull right up to the dock, where they will have reserved parking for boat registration, walk on over to the store and get their permit. They can also fill up with gas while they’re there.

At all three Bass Lake resorts, visitors can also pick up fishing licenses, buy supplies, and get snacks, drinks or lunches for a beautiful day on the lake.

We will keep you updated as we get word from the Sheriff’s Office on exact dates for permits to go on sale.

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