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Bill Atwood | Candidate for Bass Lake Unified School District Board

I have decided to enter the race for the Bass Lake Unified School District Board Area 1 seat. I have been a resident of this area since 1980 and have been very active in community events. Our schools are facing tough times with the current pandemic along with the usual problems of declining financial resources while the expenses continue to increase.

Since I have been a public school educator I have been involved in solving problems in the various school districts in which I have been employed. I believe that my experience as a front line educator can be helpful in solving the problems our local schools are currently experiencing. I have a great nephew currently in this district with two more boys soon to follow their brother into the schools. I want them to experience what every child in this area should experience: a top quality educational program.

I have received recognition and numerous awards for my teaching both at the local level as well as from the State.  In fact; many years ago CNN highlighted my classroom programs with national and international coverage.

Our local area relies on the schools to equip our children with the knowledge needed to become well informed enlightened citizens with the skills to obtain jobs or to head off for college.The time has come to ensure that our kids get the best from our schools. Remember that Experience matters, Knowledge matters, Fiscal Responsibility matters, because every one of the kids matter.

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