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BGC Update Includes A Wedding

OAKHURST – Early fall at the Boys at Girls Club (BGC) kicked off with happy, energetic kids, and a fresh crispness floating on the air.

Members started crafting and drawing for the season early on, eagerly awaiting many exciting events at our Club.

Our Oakhurst BGC Day for Kids on Friday, Sept. 19 was a huge success with roughly 40 members having an awesome time! There was a BBQ hosted by the Oakhurst Kiwanis, lots of food, fun, games, including Limbo, musical chairs, scooter relays, prizes, and best of all perfect weather. It was a great kick off to the Fall season and the kids loved it!

Citizens On Patrol COP watch over the BGC 2014 - photo provided by Peggy DeckerWednesday, Sept. 24 brought a visit to the Club from the Madera County Sheriff Citizens On Patrol (COP) officer Michael Decker checking in on the Club and the kids.

It’s nice to have the COP program active in the community and keeping an eye on our Club and its members especially during the hours we are closed and weekends. They are the eyes and ears of the Sheriff Department up here and really make a huge difference. The kids enjoyed the visit and definitely look forward to more.

Chalk Fall 2014 - photo provided by Peggy DeckerFriday, Sept. 26 the Oakhurst BGC hosted its annual World Wide Day of Play event through BGC Nationals and Nickelodeon. I love this particular day at the Club. We get to have the members turn off all electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, computers, iPods, and whatever else they have and just play outside! Our Club members loved it and not a single child could be found on any electronics during the course of the afternoon.

THappy Fall 2014 - photo provided by Peggy Deckerhey were all asked to leave everything off and put away, and when I checked they were all outside having a ball! A little rain did nothing to slow down our 41 members with lots of games, activities, and a great BBQ. They had a sidewalk chalk drawing contest, parachute fun, and soccer amongst other games, and loved it!

Unit Director Peggy was away in Reno and Kauai for much of October, getting married and honeymooning! Congratulations Mrs. Decker-Anderson and new husband William on their recent nuptials!

Halloween 1 2014 - photo provided by Peggy DeckerWednesday, October 29, the kids decided to have a dance off upon my return and danced like no one was watching! Members had a great afternoon dancing to many songs including “Everything is Awesome” with prizes, laughing, and some great moves shared and shown by all.

Halloween Friday brought a cold front as Hurricane Ana chased Peggy back from Kauai along with many goblins, ghouls, and scary creatures visiting the Club. The kids had a hot dogs BBQ, chips, cookies, candy, games, prizes, raffles, and a cake walk to top off the fun.

Halloween 2 2014 - photo provided by Peggy DeckerEveryone went away happy, content, and trick or treated out! We had a great event, and I’m glad we did it. The storm hit as we were closing the facility for the evening and many kids didn’t get out after that, so our BGC event was their Halloween!

Check us out on FB Boys and Girls Club of Oakhurst to keep updated on coming events in November, BGC National Family Week and our annual Thanksgiving Celebration. Cheers!

Parachute Fall 2014 - photo provided by Peggy DeckerPeggy and William Fall 2014 - photo provided by Peggy Decker

Halloween 3 2014 - photo provided by Peggy Decker

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