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Become A Partner

Do you have a passion for a particular cause? Do you have a desire to share about an organization that matters to you? Is there a subject you know a lot about, and would like to have a place to communicate your knowledge with others? Or perhaps you just have some extra time and would like to make a difference in your community or your service organization.

Become a Partner with SierraNewsOnline.com. We welcome folks to join us in making SierraNewsOnline.com the most comprehensive, most complete source of local information in the mountain area. From Yosemite to O’Neals, Raymond to North Fork, we are looking for people to let us know what’s happening in their corner of the mountains.

Partners choose a particular organization, community, or subject, and keep us up-to-date on events and activities, news and goings-on. They are our links to neighbors and newsmakers. They help to keep our calendar current, and make sure that all our schools, churches, and community groups get news coverage for their fundraisers and events. They point us towards interesting story ideas, fascinating local people, and add color and spice to our pages.

Our Partners are also encouraged to send us photos and videos of events they have attended, or images of local interest. If your son or daughter performed in a band concert or won an award at a Service Club event, we would love to share it on our website. If you got great photos at the football game, we can have them up and available within hours. Our goal is to keep this website live, and having a network of neighbors sharing is what makes that happen.

Being a Partner with SierraNewsOnline.com is a great way to make a difference in your community. We value your opinions and want to know what matters to you. Join us by emailing us at partners@sierranewsonline.com.

If you just wish to submit a news or calendar item without becoming a Partner, click news@sierranewsonline.com or calendar@sierranewsonline.com.

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