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Bear Hit By SUV On Road 223

NORTH FORK – A bear was struck and killed by a vehicle on Road 223 this afternoon, just south of Taylor Ridge Road.

Shortly before 2:30 p.m. on Friday May 10, the bear came out of the brush on the west side of the road and into the path of a Chevy Suburban traveling north on Road 223.The driver took evasive action in an attempt to keep from hitting the bear, but the vehicle and the animal collided, causing fatal injuries to the bear.

Oram Kramer and Lutz load bear into FW pickupFish and Wildlife Officer Mike Oram estimated the bear’s weight at around 400 pounds, which was evidenced as he and CHP officers Chris Lutz and Nancy Kramer managed to lift the animal into the back of the Fish & Wildlife pickup.

The Chevy Suburan incurred minimal damage. Oram says the bear will be “properly disposed of.”

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