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Bear Cub Spotted Near Forks Resort

BASS LAKE – When a mother bear was hit and killed by a car on Road 223 near Thornberry (420) on Sept. 17 about 8 p.m., her cub stayed close by.

He ran back and forth in the road near his dead mother throughout the night, and ran up nearby trees or off into the woods the next morning when people stopped to search for him.

So far, the baby bear has not been located, but Melody Simon shot some video of a cub near the Forks Resort on Sept. 26, only a couple miles from where the mother was killed.

“My friend and I were just leaving from lunch and a Forks employee asked us if we would be around for a while,” said Melody. “We said no, that we were just leaving, and asked why? He said there was a baby bear trying to get in the trash cans. Then he ran inside. My friend and I looked at each other and said – let’s go look! And this video was the result.”

So far, Fish and Wildlife have not returned her calls about the cub. Visitors to the area should be aware of this young bear, both in the road and near food sources.

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