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Bears in Yosemite - Photo by Lindsay Kaun via Yosemite Conservancy

Bear Activity Increases In Yosemite

YOSEMITE – Bear activity this week has increased park-wide, and visitors are reminded to store food properly and be bear-aware.

In wilderness areas this week, several hikers have had packs destroyed after failing to store food in a food storage container when leaving their packs unattended. Several backpackers have also had bear cans rolled away from their campsite in the night.

Park officials remind visitors to always keep food within arm’s reach when it is not secured in a food storage container while out hiking. Remember, bears are active on trails both day and night.

Bears have been seen frequently in Yosemite Valley campgrounds and have obtained food from people on numerous occasions because visitors failed to store items Speeding Kills Bearsproperly. Always store food and scented items in a secured food storage locker – never in a tent or vehicle.

If you see a bear during your visit please report it to the Save-A-Bear Hotline at 209-372-0322.
Red Bear, Dead Bear: So far this year, five bears have been hit by vehicles. Please protect wildlife by obeying speed limits and paying attention while driving.

Interesting Bear Fact: A group of bears is called a sloth.

Other Wildlife Sightings: Several mountain lions have been reported throughout the park. For more information on mountain lions in Yosemite National Park, please visit the National Park Service website http://www.nps.gov/yose/naturescience/mountainlion.htm.


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