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Battling the Flames: Minarets Staff Fighting Fires

by Adam Saldivar, student journalist with Minarets Press

The fires burning up and down California have not only affected some Minarets students but staff members as well. In these difficult times when almost everyone in the Minarets community is affected by smoke and flames, Minarets staff members are helping out to fight back against the fires in various ways such as encouragement, ways to help, and ways to bring a positive change.

Minarets staff elected to work at home so that fire trucks and first responders may be stationed at Minarets to work closer to these fires. Even from home now, they’re still finding ways to be of assistance. For example, history teacher Ben Regonni said, “I’ve been checking in with current and former students who have been affected/displaced due to the fires and offering help if needed.”

Many teachers donated to those affected by the fires, whether it was monetary donations to the Red Cross, purchasing from businesses donating to the fire, or donating necessities to Clovis Hills Community Church. In fact, Elizabeth Whitcomb along with other Chawanakee Unified employees helped to deliver donations to those in Oakhurst.

Other teachers were more directly involved in fighting fires. Music teacher Brett Moglia is a volunteer firefighter and was called into duty to help combat the flames.

Despite being evacuated from his home, principal Daniel Ching continued to put out information to students, parents, and the community through the Minarets website and Youtube channel. In his video, he encouraged the Minarets community, provided valuable resource information, and reminded us that Mustangs truly have a spirit that cannot be broken.

Even in the face of a wildfire, Minarets staff have truly stepped up to help the fires, whether it is words of encouraging, donating goods, or keeping our spirits up.

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