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Bass Lake Hazard Tree Project Burns

burt-stalter-hazard-tree-burns-at-bass-lake-nov-1-2-2016-iBASS LAKE — With crisp fall weather and recent rains, the Bass Lake Hazard Tree Project continues with some burning this week.

Sierra National Forest Battalion Chief Burt Stalter says that on Tuesday, Nov. 1, crews concentrated on completing areas including the west side of Road 222 at the Forks Campground, Pine Slope day use, and Little Denver Church day use.

PG&E contractor Central Sierra Tree Company also burned their section southeast of Way of the Mono Trail.

On Wednesday, Nov. 2, Stalter says the plan is to continue west along 222 in an effort to finish off everything through Crane Valley Group Camp and be done with that side of the lake for now.

burt-stalter-hazard-tree-burns-at-bass-lake-nov-1-2-2016-iv“We are trying to burn the piles while they are on the dry side so they will burn cleaner, with limited smoke as much as possible, but this last storm really put down a lot of rain. We will be patrolling these daily until the next storm drops more moisture. Thanks for the support.”

UPDATE 8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 2: : “Update from today’s work. Burn crew from SNF E-51 and Minarets TSI C195 completed burning in Denver and Little Denver Church and around the Bass Lake Recreation Office. They started into Recreation Point but ran out of time so this is where work will continue and finish up with Crane Valley Group Camp. The piles are burning down very clean with little to no chunking needed. This is a result of very well constructed piles by the logging contractor to minimize the amount of soil piled with the slash. Our plan is to keep up with the logging work and burn the piles as soon as they become available to allow these areas to open on time if the weather cooperates.”

More information will be available as the project continues. Stay tuned.

Photographs courtesy of SNF Battalion Chief Burt Stalter

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