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Backgammon Tournament in North Fork

NORTH FORK – If you love backgammon or want to learn to play, you are in luck. North Fork is having a backgammon tournament through Slim’s Koffee Shak.

Backgammon is considered one of the world’s oldest board games, perhaps 5,000 years! WikipediaThere are 32 spots for contestants. When the spaces are filled, the contestants will be randomly assigned their opponents.

Each contest will be won by the best of 5 games (3 out of 5) and the doubling cube will not be used. There will be four rounds leading up to the final match.

Registration is $3 – Beginners are welcome to join too. The $3 entrance fee is also acceptable in NF Shares.

The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Slim’s Koffee Shak, and the remaining funds will be donated to the North Fork STUDIO.

Games will be held at Slim’s in North Fork at mutually agreed times. Contestants can work out whatever time works best for them.

Sign up at Slim’s or by calling Josh at 877-3061 or online.

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