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History Mystery #101: Unknown Mystery Box

Image of an unknown item from the museum.

Submitted by Karen Tex Morris, CHS President The Coarsegold Historic Museum has this item on display. Can you guess what it is or how it was used or how old it is? If you want to see it, you can visit our museum on Fridays 10 – 2, Saturdays 10-2, Sundays 12-4, or Mondays 10-2. We have many unique objects ...

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History Mystery #100: The Rock of Ages

Image of the Rock of Ages.

By Debby Carter, Librarian, Sierra Historic Sites Association A well-known local figure in the mountain area from the early nineteen hundreds was Doc C. E. Wells. He grew up in the Visalia area, went to medical school in San Francisco, and worked in the hospital at the Madera Sugar Pine Lumber Company for 17 years. In 1927, he married Liliane, ...

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North Fork Locals Don & Sharon Grove Visit Morro Bay

Image of Good Medicine.

By Don & Sharon Grove Last week we received an email from Frank & Deb Sipes, also known as Good Medicine, a local singing group from North Fork, CA. The email announced the end of their inactivity caused by the pandemic. They were scheduled to sing on Saturday & Sunday, June 19 & 20, at the Dockside Too restaurant in ...

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History Mystery #99: Mystery Site at the Mono National Forest

History Mystery image.

The Mono Museum in North Fork would like more information about the site in this photograph.  It is at the edge of the Mono National Forest in Mono County.  What is significant about this place?  Any information will be appreciated. Have you visited the refurbished Mono Museum in North Fork?  It is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday from 10 ...

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History Mystery 98: The Case of the Raymond Rail Yard

Image of the train depot at Raymond, CA.

E Clampus Vitus Grub Gulch Chapter 41-49 is working with the Raymond Museum to determine the actual locations of the structures and facilities in the SP Raymond Branch rail yard in Raymond. We have some photos and some drawings, but we are in need of more information. Many of the photos we have were taken with fisheye lenses, which distort ...

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History Mystery #97

Image of an old sign in the woods.

History Mystery #97, Chinchilla Ranches and Mystery Signs in the Madera County Mountain Communities Prepared by Andy Brooks, Raymond Museum volunteer The Chinchilla ranch industry, though short lived by most history standards, had a favorable economic impact on the Madera County mountain area communities. How many ranches were there? What other businesses were created from the Chinchilla ranch industry? Who ...

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History Mystery #96: The Case of the Forgotten Fire Station

Image of the 1969 Logger's Jamboree Parade.

Submitted by Connie Popelish, North Fork History Group  The people of North Fork have always been big on community spirit! In this 1969 image of participants in the Loggers Jamboree Parade, the Volunteer Fire Station is in the background. The location of the Fire House was Main Street, North Fork, where the library is today. The North Fork History Group ...

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History Mystery #95: The Case of the Rusty Relic

Image of a rusted piece of mystery farm equipment.

This is one of the most recent donations to the Coarsegold museum. We are hoping to get more information about this item for our records. Stories about how it is used, or families that had one on their ranch or in their yard. Thank you for your participation in the History Mystery project. Our museum is closed at this time, ...

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History Mystery #94: The Case of the Missing Maps

Antique image of cowboy on horseback in front of the Summerdale Hotel.

By Debby Carter, Sierra Historic Sites Association The place we know as Fish Camp has a long history. In Native American times it was a seasonal campsite for fishing and gathering acorns. After the establishment of European Americans in the area, it saw several different purposes over the years. The name “Fish Camp” waffled back and forth with “Summerdale” for ...

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