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Ashley Pinkerton: Spiraling Forward

Ashley Pinkerton FacebookWritten by Ashley Pinkerton —

NORTH FORK — I have been given the opportunity to publish my first book, Spiraling Forward, featuring a personal collection of poems, all of which have been inspired by, and reflect, my own Spiritual journey and awakening. Spiraling Foward is set for release at the beginning of 2017.

My main intention is to connect with readers and share the wisdom and insight that flows through me as a result of my connection to my Higher Self, to Mother Earth and to the Great Spirit that animates all things of Creation. My hope is to inspire others in the same way I have been.

Through my deep connections I have observed the cycles of life and of nature, and this humble witnessing has inspired within me the words that comprise this book.

Ashley Pinkerton Facebook IISpiraling Forward will take the reader on a journey through the cycles of life, as the dance of the sacred spiral carries one to places of deep reflection, realization and discovery. Inspiration and insight have flowed through me as I have written these words and it is my hope that upon reading them, the reader will be compelled to live with courage and strength, having the ability to face the darkness and rise above into the light.

In addition to being a writer and poet, I also practice Energy Medicine and am a practitioner who specializes in Reiki-Usui system of natural healing, as well as additional techniques I am currently going to school for. This work has been of additional inspiration to me, as I assist others in finding their connection to their own personal power and innate ability to heal themselves and bring relief to the conditions that are present in their lives. I am humbled and filled with gratitude to be able to hold space for this connecting to be made possible.

Ashley Pinkerton event Jul 29 2016My 30 day campaign through Indiegogo allowed me to raise the majority of the money that was needed for publishing Spiraling Forward and a fundraiser is happening soon to assist in the final push of raising the funding.

Please join us Friday, July 29 at 6:30 p.m. for music, food and fun, including a silent action and raffle to benefit the publishing of Spiraling Forward. Angel Card Readings with Dawn White, Drum Circle and Fire Dancing are included in the festivities! Special thanks to Christina DeGracia for hosting the event at her gift shop, A Bit Of Everything in North Fork!


As a writer that has always had a deep passion for poetry, I feel that this is just the beginning for me. I can foresee many more books that will come in the future and appreciate very greatly that you have taken the time to explore the campaign and assist me with the realization of my dreams.

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to become a published author. I remember reading works by poets such as Robert Frost and so many others. I recognize how much their words helped me to navigate my own path and I am honored to now realize that my own words will be able to assist another in the same way.

Ashley Pinkerton sending blessings Facebook II 2016I have always has a tenacious drive to accomplish that which I set forth to accomplish and I know that these characteristics will assist me in the realization of this endeavor. The passion of my Heart and Soul will continue to lead me to places of new discovery and it is my hope that you will come along this continuing journey with me.

Let the dance of the sacred Spiral carry you on a journey through the cycles of Life. Join Ashley to celebrate and support her efforts, with a fundraiser on Friday, July 29 at A Bit Of Everything in North Fork, starting at 6:30 p.m.

For those unable to attend the fundraiser, personal donations can also be mailed to: Ashley Pinkerton, PO Box 207, North Fork, CA. 93643

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