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Artist Gathering & Sculpture Plaque Dedication

Submitted by Mark Heliger

We will be hosting a social gathering of many of the 21 artists that belong to Gallery Yosemite, and invite you to join us on Saturday, Aug. 24 at 11 a.m. at Sweetwater Steakhouse.

We all are interested in connecting with our neighbors and letting them know that if they want to find some really great interpretations of the essence of Yosemite, they should stop by to see our fine art.

After brunch, the artists will shift over to Gallery Row and Gallery Yosemite, to talk about their work. Andrew Erickson will show us how he works with HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography.

Sorensen Sculpture Project Gallery Row - Photo By Jon BockLater on at Gallery Yosemite, we will also show a video on the life of William Keith, who painted Yosemite for over 60 years.

This is a chance for people interested in art relating to Yosemite and the Sierra Foothills to see up close the diverse expressions of talent and creativity that abounds in the Sierra.

We will have answers for questions about techniques or what inspires us, but in general, we will just “hang out” and be talking about Yosemite and our love and appreciation of the fact that it just is.

At 1 p.m. we’ll take part in the installation of the plaque at the Chris Sorensen Sculpture at Gallery Row.

Mark Heliger is a photographer, fine art printer and web designer from Oakhurst, Ca.

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