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Are You Prepared To Evacuate?

As we have all learned recently, wildfires, tornadoes or floods can strike at any time.

Survival can be predicated upon who was prepared in advance of the disaster. So what can you do today to help prepare you and your loved ones?

Creating a Family Disaster Plan is the first step in preparing for a disaster, any kind of disaster that you may find yourself facing. Whether you are at home, at school or at work you must be prepared at all times.

It is important that every member of your family understands what to do in the event of a disaster such as a wildfire in your area.

Practice this plan on a regular basis so that each member of your family knows their role and what they need to do; keep a copy of this written plan in an accessible place so that you can refer to it quickly and easily.

Important things to include in your Family Disaster Plan are:

Meeting locations away from your home, communication plans and evacuation plans for your family and your pets.
Identify where your gas, water and electrical shut-offs are and how to use them.

Plan several evacuation routes in your neighborhood and drive them so you are familiar with them day or night.

Assemble emergency supply kits and have them ready for yourself, family and animals.

Don’t forget to include a portable radio and/or scanner so you can stay updated on critical fire information.

Preparing and practicing your Family Disaster Plan are critical. Being READY for wildfire season is your best defense. Preplanning for a disaster can save your life and the lives of the ones you love.

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