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USFS carry a 29-year-old woman along the trail near Willow Creek in Bass Lake.

Another Weekend Rescue on Willow Creek

BASS LAKE – Madera County Search and Rescue Deputies and volunteers responded to the area of Willow Creek near the Falls Beach Recreation Area this weekend to rescue a 29-year-old woman from Daly City that had fallen while hiking and complained of pain.

The woman suffered injuries while hiking on the rough side of the river opposite of the designated trail. Search and rescue needed to set up a rope system to retrieve the injured woman in order to get her on the accessible side of the river where they were able to hand carry her out using a litter.

The search and rescue team took her to a waiting ambulance where she was checked by Paramedics. She declined to be transported and was released to family.

The rescue operation took nearly two hours with about 20 search and rescue personnel. With the influx of people going to the lake to escape the heat, the emergency equipment needed to park in the roads which caused traffic delays and required two way traffic control on Road 274 and Road 432 for the duration of the rescue.

The Madera County Sheriffs office would like to thank our partner agencies, Sierra Ambulance, CAL FIRE , Madera County FireUSFS and United States Fire Service for their assistance during the rescue.

When considering a hike or any outdoor activities during excessive heat and rough terrain it is important to assess your physical fitness level and be sure it is sufficient for the difficulty of your intended route and activity.

There are APPS available for local hiking trails that have information about difficulty levels and experience. The accuracy and dependability for any APP will require research but will aid you in making sure the hike is appropriate for you.

A friendly reminder that going off trail only increases your chances of getting hurt. It is always recommended to stay on designated trails not only for your safety but for the well being of the areas fauna and flora.

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