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Another Fire Rattles Nerves In YLP

COARSEGOLD – Just when you thought it couldn’t happen again, it happened again. Another fire burning at the east end of Revis Circle East, the second in as many days.

It was actually two fires, with apparently two separate points of ignition, burning just feet to the north of last night’s 10-acre blaze.Fire crews and investigators were on the scene within minutes of the 8:45 p.m. dispatch, and residents along the road were once again standing in small groups in their driveways, watching the scene repeat itself. Four fires in the same area, burning practically over the same ground.

Lower blaze extinguished at Circle Fire - photo Gina Clugston“This is so nerve wracking,” said one woman who lives on the cul-de-sac. “We can’t even think about going away anywhere. Who knows what might happen.”

The family across the road said they had just walked their dog up near where the fire started, and hadn’t seen anything.

As the flames broke out this evening, many in the neighborhood grabbed shovels and began working the fire themselves.

“This is ridiculous,” they said. “We’re just sick and tired of this.”

PulaskiAt least 11 fires have broken out in the Yosemite Lakes Park area since May 11, with another on Road 415 near Coarsegold. Residents say their nerves are frayed and it’s hard to even sleep at night.

Crews who have become all too familiar with the area responded to the scene including Madera County Fire Engines #8 and 10, Water Tender 17, Cal Fire Engines #4361, 4295, 4275, 4255, and 4285. Dozer 4245 also responded, but wasn’t needed as firefighters had everything well in hand within the hour.

Both fires together totaled less than an acre when they were contained.

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