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An Open Letter From A Booster Dad

minarets-volleyball-photo-from-andrew-low-post-in-minarets-foundation-inc-2016-nov-17O’NEALS — Minarets Volleyball 2016 season came to an end on Wednesday, Nov. 16 when they lost to Ontario Christian High School in the first Round of the CIF Division IV state Championship 3-0. That’s not what this story is about. Andrew Low tells it from the heart in this post he shared with Minarets Foundation, Inc. on social media that night.

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“As a father, Booster and a fan of Minarets Girls Volleyball, I am so proud of all of the players! I’ve said it before, many of my favorite young ladies on the planet are on this team! It has been an incredible season which saw a sometimes sloppy and sometimes unsure group early in the season, grow to a championship team! No one or no team in the foothills will quickly forget what a force the team grew into en-route to the Valley Championships!

“Congratulations to the coaches on bringing home the first Division IV Valley Championship to Minarets High School, and honoring and extending the winning tradition of Minarets Volleyball.

“Lastly thanks to all of the other great volleyball programs of Eastern Madera County and the foothills. It has been so great to see the high level of competitive volleyball being played in our communities. Yosemite, Sierra, Liberty, Chowchilla and Minarets all have competitive and quality programs which push each other forward. I congratulate their schools and programs, because it is a lot of fun to watch these teams play each other.

“It is tempting to step back and say if we put an All-Star team together of this group, how good could they be and how competitive could they be? I think they would be fantastic! But you would have 30 girls playing instead of 150-160 girls playing in these programs. I say let the big schools keep their programs. I think our communities have it more right then the huge programs, and the level of play is still really great and competitive!

“Thank You Minarets Mustang Volleyball for one last great ride for this father and fan! I wish you continued success and greatness!”

Andrew Low is the President of the MHS Boosters.

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