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An Evening To Treasure: Alumnus SLE Becomes Tradition

By Mary Uribe and Maisy Fronteras — 

O’NEALS — This month marks the return of the Minarets High School SLE “An Evening to Treasure,” hosted by the Freeland family on Friday, May 18 at Northpointe Community Church in northwest Fresno.

In the words of Mr. Nathan Freeland, “An Evening to Treasure is to celebrate teens affected by disability through the wonders and excitement that a prom brings.”

The event first originated from Minarets alumnus Tatiana Freeland for her Senior Legacy Experience (SLE) requirement for graduation. She designed a project to include the whole community, which took place on February 17, 2017. It was originally a one-time thing, but since so many people were involved, it will be a yearly event.

We interviewed Mr. Nathan Freeland to tell us what is difference from last year’s An Evening to Treasure to this year, as well as the benefits that come from helping during the event.

The number of people who attended last year was 96 and, this year, the number in attendance has grown by 55% to incude 150 Honored Guests (special needs youth) and 175 Student Hosts (buddies).

There will be a grand surprise in the beginning of the event for the Honored Guests and parents as well.

One of the benefits of the magical night is that the Honored Guests will get more recognition than they usually do. They will get to dress up in prom dresses and tuxes along with their escorts. On top of that, they will be driven in a limo and walk down the red carpet when they are finished having their hair and makeup done.​

An Evening to Treasure truly brings the community together for one night. It really makes everyone appreciate and recognize the people around them who are different and extraordinary in their own ways. All volunteers involved with this spectacular night are all very excited and honored to work for such a great cause, because in the end, we are all kings and queens of our own kingdoms no matter where we come from or how different we are from others. We are all royalty.​

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Mary Uribe and Maisy Fronteras are students at Minarets.

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