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Amy DukeMy name is Amy Duke and I’ve lived in the mountain area since I was four years old. I’ve always loved plants and gardening, but it didn’t become the obsession which slowly graduated into a calling, until about ten years ago when I quit my office job, and went to work at the nursery, because someone asked me what my dream job would be and I suddenly knew the answer was “I want to work with plants.”

I have been running Solstice Gallery, a tropical and exotic plant shop in Oakhurst, since June of 2013, and prior to that my only claim to indoor plant fame, would be that at one time, I squeezed over forty of them into a single wide trailer kitchen and in all honesty, loved some of them to death…literally. I can’t claim to be a master of indoor plants, but it is amazing what you can learn in a year when you suddenly have 150+ exotic plants to not just keep alive but beautiful and thriving for the public.

The knowledge I offer is based on what putting my hands in the dirt has taught me since I was a kid, knowing that nature itself is the best silent teacher of all, and having to shift that knowledge to the world of indoor gardening, which is similar and yet completely different world at the same time. I have enjoyed having access to some of the most experienced growers I’ve had the pleasure to meet in my monthly visits to some seriously fabulous costal green houses where plants are shipped in from all over the world and I literally get to take my pick of the best and most beautiful ones, learn to care for them and then teach the public how to do the same.

The purpose of this blog is to share what I’ve learned, to include you in what I’m still learning, to create a dialogue between those who endeavor to care for house plants in the mountain area, to rehabilitate self proclaimed “black thumbs” and make them believe they can turn green. I want to inspire others to experience the joy of indoor plants, and open up the discussion to those who have their own information to offer and questions to ask.

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