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Alan Edward Zendner

Alan Edward Zendner

In honor of an amazing husband, father, and grandfather:

It’s remarkable how the world around you can change in an instant. We go on with our daily lives and with a phone call – a breath – your world is turned upside down.

Alan left us suddenly, but painlessly the morning of June 20. Alan was loved unconditionally by those close to him and left a legacy through his love and teachings to the family he left behind.

Alan is survived by his wife Judy Zendner, oldest son Shaun Zendner, daughter Ashley Gomez, and youngest son Andrew Zendner. He is also survived by his three amazing grand-daughters; Layla Zendner, and Olivia and Ellie Gomez.

Alan Zendner was born on Aug. 22, 1957, in Fresno, Calif. He met his beautiful wife Judy in April of 1978. It was love at first sight and they were married on July 21, 1978.

The family moved to Oakhurst in 1996, making it their home for the next 20 years. His heart was at peace living on the flowing, peaceful creek, surrounded by nature. Alan made countless memories with his family swimming and playing in their backyard creek. He loved going on motorcycles rides with his oldest son Shaun, hiking Yosemite and the surrounding area with his youngest son Andrew, and taking trips to the beach with his daughter and her family. The Zendner house was always warm and welcoming to both family and friends.

Alan fell in love with computers from the day he first saw one in the late 70s, and made a career out of doing something he enjoyed. As soon as they were available, he knew he had to do whatever it took to save up and buy one. At that time computers were very expensive. With the love and support of his wife Judy, they scraped enough money together to buy one.

His first computer started a lifelong passion for programming. Alan learned some of the most popular computer software languages and was published in the “Encyclopedia for the TRS-80.” In the 90’s he sold his successful janitorial business and moved to the mountains. His amazing wife who grew up in the city, was not sure about moving to the mountains, but trusted him and found their beautiful “Home.”

Alan was one of the pioneers for what is now called “telecommuting” and he did this all from his beautiful house, with his office window overlooking the peaceful creek. His passion for computers was so infectious he would not let a chance slip by to teach anyone interested!

Whether it was computer languages, games, hardware, software or networking. He inspired many young people, including his oldest son Shaun, to make a career working with computers, and software development. Alan and his oldest son (15 years at the time) started working together. They worked together for 15+ years supporting housing authorities from a little town in the mountains.

Judy will never forget the day Alan proposed over a T.V. Dinner and a Cracker Jack box. It was the truest kind of love – unconditional, filled with ups and down, laughter and wonderful memories. They shared that love for 40 years. He looked at Judy the way everyone wants to be looked at until the day he left us at home in Judy’s arms.

Alan was a one of a kind, gentle and loving soul. The journey he was on shaped not only his own soul but those around him. Anyone who spoke to Alan knows that he would make you think, he challenged ideas, he helped you explore your own mind, and he helped you explore the whole universe. Alan shaped his entire family, he showed each and every one of them unconditional love, and he helped those around him grow emotionally and spiritually.

Although he completed his spiritual journey, the unconditional love, and divine wisdom, is still flowing throughout the universe, and although we have lost his vessel, we will never lose the wisdom he provided us, the countless memories made, and most importantly the love he shared with us, the love he taught us to give to the planet, to others, to the universe, and ourselves.

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