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Affordable Career Training Is Underway For EMTs

O’NEALS -Training is underway at Minarets High School for anyone wishing to earn their qualifications as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

“This is a great opportunity for anyone just starting out, or wanting to make a career change,” says Gina Hartley, local EMT who teaches the course along with paramedic, husband Bill. “The medical field is fairly recession-proof.”

(Pictured is the logo designed by Minarets students, including the Minarets Mustang silhouette)The EMT Course is a comprehensive study in the Basic Life Support assessment, treatment, and management of the pre-hospital patient. The training is a joint effort by Minarets High School and Sierra Ambulance Service.

Participants will study anatomy & physiology, medical & trauma emergencies, ethical & legal issues, Emergency Medical Services systems & operations and other topics. Approved through the Central California Emergency Medical Services Authority (CCEMSA), this program can prepare you for a career as an EMT.

Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive proof of course completion which will allow them to take the National Registry of EMTs Exam.

“California has some of the toughest standards to get through,” says Hartley. “When you complete the course, take your National Registry of EMTs Exam and get your state card, you are employable anywhere in the U.S. And since California has some of the toughest standards, most states are eager to hire you.”

Of the three recent graduates of this EMT course, all three were successful on their first try, passing the National Registry exam.

The training takes 18 weeks, with classes meeting every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening from 6 to 9 p.m. at Minarets High School. They also meet about one Saturday a month, from 10 a.m to 4 p.m., so that anyone who misses class during the week will have a chance to make up their hours.

The EMT Course has three components: didactic (120 hours) which includes practical, hands-on skills training, the clinical/field ride-along (10 hours), and final testing (4-8 hours). Through lectures, interactive presentations, skills labs, and simulations, you will build the knowledge and skills to care for patients.

“We have lots of hands-on training,” says Hartley. “We bring the ambulance out so students can go through and learn about the equipment we have on the unit – heart monitors, blood pressure cuffs, how to use the backboards – they learn how to use all our medical equipment.”

The cost for the training is just $500. Considering that other EMT training in the area is priced at $1050 with a waiting list, this could be the perfect career path, for a very small investment.

Classes are already underway, so interested parties should contact the course leaders as soon as possible. Students must be 18 years old to receive their certification from National Registry, but need not be 18 to take the class. There is no upper age limit for participants.

“There’s no age limit on learning!” says Hartley.

For more information, call Bill or Gina Hartley at 658-1052 or email


  1. Time for the fact checks. The truth is that the EMT Course taught at Yosemite Unified School. The program that has existed for over 20 years. The program that both of the Minarets Instructors were students is $ 250.00. That price includes the cost of the book and supplies that the students keep. There is NO basic EMT program in the Region that is $ 1000.00 for the class.

  2. Thank you for your comment Jim. Before we posted the article, we spoke with the instructors for the Minarets EMT class twice, and we also have their flier for the program. They gave us the pricing. We also checked the EMT program in Fresno, and the price is listed on their website as $1050 for the accelerated course, and $750 for 180 hours. We also spoke to Sierra Ambulance who is co-sponsoring the EMT program at Minarets.

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