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Advice From A Teenager About Driving

Submitted by Remi Lee

O’NEALS – Taking Drivers Ed was very annoying, it took me months and months to get it done.

I was super lazy about it until I made it a competition with my friend, Becky. We decided that whoever finished their lessons first won.

So I stayed up all night the next night finishing everything. I won, by the way!

The friendly competition was the best idea because we both finished up more quickly and were actually excited about doing it. So try to find a friend that’s working on getting their permit, too, to do it with you.

The biggest and best advice for your permit test is to study, study, study. I can’t say that enough. Download study games on your phone and read the DMV booklet over and over again. I downloaded the Drivers Ed California app to study on. But, if you don’t live in California do NOT download that one. Find the correct one for your state.

The permit test was the hardest part of everything. On the test they try to trick you and mess you up. Not very nice, right? When taking the test, try to breathe and calm yourself down. Don’t stress too much: if you miss too many questions, you can always retake the test.

I did not pass my first time on the written test, but I did the second time! The next six months, I drove every chance I got. I had a great driving trainer who taught me everything I needed to know, not only for the driving test but for all driving. My teacher made sure I would be prepared for any situation.

Once it was time for the driving test I was ready, but scared. I kept calm while taking that and it helped me tremendously. I passed.

Remi’s Rules of the Road*

DON’T have your phone near you. I always want to listen to music so I connect my phone before I move the car. Then, I put my phone far away from me so I’m not tempted. It’s extremely serious that you not use your phone while driving.

Try to stay focused on the road and cars around you. There are so many things around to distract you, but if you look away from the road you could hit someone and that would be really bad. Just try to keep focused, don’t look back at friends, and keep your hands on the wheel… even if you’re dancing in the car. Always be as safe as possible, stay in your lane and drive the speed limit.

Good luck to anyone who is learning to drive!

*Most of Remi’s Rules are laws for the State of California.

Remi Lee is a student at Minarets High School enrolled in Digital Writing.

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