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Activity On Sky Fire Winding Down

OAKHURST – The 500-acre Sky Fire is now 90 percent contained, and the number of personnel assigned to the incident has been reduced to 520.

Today crews will continue fire line suppression repair and mop-up on all parts of the fire. Resource Advisors from the Forest Service have identified the extent of suppression repair needed.

The fire continues to cool, but some areas may still produce smoke for several more days.

The Sky Fire will transition to a Sierra National Forest Type 3 management organization on Wednesday morning at 6 a.m.

Firefighting resources, such as engines and crews, continue to be released from the Sky Fire and sent to other fires in California. The public is reminded that a lot of firefighting equipment will be traveling on local roads going into the fire area and others will be leaving the community heading to other incidents.

Sky Ranch Road (Road 632) remains closed. The fire area is still a dangerous place due to snags, active fire, and fire personnel working and equipment travelling along the road.

The following campgrounds remained closed:

-Camp Redwood -Soquel Campground -Nelder Grove Campground

-Grays Mountain -Chilkoot Campground

Remember One Less Spark – One Less Wildfire

Whether working to create defensible space around your home, just mowing the lawn, or pulling your dirt bike over to the side of the road, if you live in a wildland area you need to use all equipment responsibly. Lawn mowers, weedeaters, chain saws, grinders, welders, tractors, and trimmers can all spark a wildland fire. Do your part, the right way, to keep your community fire safe.

For more information about wildfire prevention please visit http://www.preventwildfireca.org/OneLessSpark.

The Sky Fire started on Thursday, June 18, just after 2 p.m. when a truck pulling a trailer caught fire and it spread into surrounding vegetation.

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