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A Very Foothill Fathers Day

We asked readers to pay tribute to the dads in their lives, and in the days since, have received a treasure trove of photographs in return.

The pictures poured in online, and we saw dads wading, swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, playing and sleeping.

One after another came young dads, old dads, some with tattoos, many with beards, and a couple of dedicated dads sporting matching shirts with their kids.

These fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers and father-figures were described as strong, amazing, adored, awesome, wonderful, fun-loving, adventurous, hard-working, supportive, understanding and just plain great.

Images arrived of dads dressing their kids, walking daughters down the aisle, and going to baseball games. Some make you want to whistle. We heard from proud moms, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts, mother-in-laws, nieces and friends. We laughed at the fun dads and we cried for the dads who are not here this Father’s Day, and the ones who are watching from above.

In short, we were honored to receive your photos of your dads doing regular dad things — and that may be the most special memory of all.

Brad Driscoll trying a tie for his little girl Sandra at age 8 This man is an amazing father to our girl and is adored by us FathersDay - from Anne DriscollHe is very supportive always kind and understanding. Slow to anger but most of all He is very unconditional. Thats a quality that I appreciate and love the most about him. He loves his kids and everyone elsesI want to say happy fathers day to two different fathers Aaron Woodward with his son and daughter and to my daddy Cody jones with all of his kids - Julia Marie JonesRemembering a very special dad of 2 little boys this Fathers Day weekend We know Wilby is looking down on Noah and MatthewMy Dad Samuel Cumming and I last Christmas - 1st Fathers day without him - the Father and Son shirts were a Christmas traditionHappy Father’s Day!

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Happy Fathers day Dusten You are the light of Carlies eyes - Thank you so much for being an amazing dad  We love you bigger than the sky

I would like to say Happy Father's day to Joseph Marquardt. Even though I am your niece you have always treated me and made me feel as though I was your daughter. Thank you for always being there and for always believing in me. Most of all thank you for being my dad. I love you to the boomtowns and back!

Dave and Clara Briley 1998 loves of my life - KellieHappy FathersDay from Sandra Higby

A Happy FathersDay to Carl Chartier he raised many daughters -

Bill  Athena Sandlin cuddling 2005. Happy Daddys Day from Amanda SandlinThis is my son Earl Satterfield 4th with his son Earl the 5th. Also with his daughter Ellie. He is such a wonderful father. Ellie had a rough entry into this world.  She was born with TGA, a congenital heart defect and had open heart surgery when she was 6 days old. Needless to say she is the apple of her daddies eye!  I am so proud of the Dad he is to these 2 little ones.Happy FathersDay to my amazing husband Buck Scroggswho is the best father to our three little girls - Julia Marie JonesHappy FathersDay to my DaddyI love you more than words can explain Love your Daughter Gennica Scroggs This is my husband, Kip, and our third baby in 2010. He is a military  retiree. Because of his past medical condition he didn't get a chance  (or simply failed) of raising a family. We met in 2003 and got married a  year later. Now we have four children and they are Daddy's biggest fans.Happy Fathers Day from TabithaHappy Fathers Day to a sweet fun-loving adventurous hard-working and loving father. You are a great daddy. Your children are blessed to have you in their life. I love you Brad WeaverHappy Fathers Day to JT Hutchens a Awsome Father of 2 Grandfather of 7 and Great-Grandfather of 2.  So thankful to God for him still a strong Man at 83 years young. Love you very much. KikiIve been married to this man all my life - as he likes to say.  Our 3 children have blessed us with 4 grandkids in the past 2 yearsIve been married to this man all my life - as he likes to say.  Our 3 children have blessed us with 4 grandkids in the past 2 years From Jill SatterfieldI would like to wish my husband a very very happy Fathers Day I couldnt and wouldnt be who I am today with you Justin You are the prime example of an amazing father We love you so so much - EricaJohn and Brittany GregoryJosh Nielsen and son Logan Fishing and target practice Great daddy Happy FathersDay from StephanieJosh Nielsen and son Logan Fishing and target practice Happy FathersDay from Stephanie - Great daddyKelly Bartlett Kevin Fishing for the first time with Daddy. April 2000 at Mammoth Pools-Kevin caught 10 fishMe  Jennifer My Fathers Day present was being reunited with my daughter after 26 years. Love you Jennifer - DaleMy Dad and my son with me. Happy Fathers Day LawlerMy dad James Hagen resident of Coarsegold took me to my first baseball game.  Cubs fan for life nowMy Fathers Day present was being reunited with my daughter after 26 years. Love you Jennifer - Happy FathersDay - DaleMy favorite picture of my husband on the floor playing with our two daughters - I am so thankful for him. Happy Fathers Day  with Mary Kate Harrison Kelley Lynne and Robert Harrison. photo from Mary Beth HarrisonMy son  his children. An awesome DadOne of my favorite pictures of me my dad and my sister. This was taken out at the Sutter Buttes taking a break from a bike ride. From Candace GregoryThis is my favorite picture of me and my dad it was taken right before he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. I miss him tons everyday.  with Orville W. Peterson from Montesa MoranThis is my son-in-law Nic Allcock and my daughter Jocelyn with their baby girl Ruby Nic is an awesome Daddy to Ruby and a great hubby and friend to my daughter.  Happy FathersDay Nic from JillDakota

Calvin Trippett is the most awesome dad He takes wonderful care of our boys and  works hard to give them an amazing life we love you daddy Love Little Calvin and Thomas Baker-Driscoll

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