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A Message From EMCSPCA President Sharon Fitzgerald

Dear friends,

As we reach the close of 2019, I look back on the twenty-nine years the Eastern Madera County SPCA has been helping animals in our area. Starting with an idea as a reaction to the boxes of kittens and puppies in front of Raley’s, our small group of volunteers knew we needed to build a safe place for them. Immediately facing land acquisition hurdles, it was clear that building a shelter would not be easy. Something also had to be done about unwanted breeding while working toward opening the shelter.

Here we are, almost thirty years later…we have provided over $1,000,000 to help spay and neuter local cats and dogs. We have developed a program for feral cats to trap, neuter, and return (TNR) them to their location where they can live out their lives without increasing the population. The shelter is nearing completion, and this has all been funded by donations from our dedicated supporters like you.

Of course, our biggest project is the shelter! With decades of research and planning, we finally accepted bids in 2017. As we had been advised this would be a $3,000,000 project, we were shocked to find all of the bids were over $4,000,000. We had to decide whether we should just hold off on construction and raise another $1,000,000 or start construction and go as far as we could to lock in costs that were increasing every day. We decided to proceed.

As you know, a lot has been done on the building, but there is still work to do. We have over $3,100,000 in the project to date. We have worked to save everywhere we could without sacrificing the health and safety of the dogs and cats that will be in our care. We believe the maximum we will need to cover everything left in the construction bid is $800,000. We are currently working with a local bank to secure a construction loan for that amount. The loan will be a line of credit so we will only borrow what we actually need.

Many of our supporters have asked if there are particular items they can sponsor. Since the bank loan will only cover items that are named in the construction bid, I have included below a list of needs not covered by the loan. We will need everything from medical equipment to disinfectants to be ready to accept animals.

I know you are as anxious as I am to see the doors of our wonderful facility open. Any tax-deductible donation you make will help us achieve that goal!

You may make a donation by clicking on the button below or by mailing to EMCSPCA, P.O. Box 1314, Oakhurst, CA 93644.

I can’t thank you enough for your continued support of the Eastern Madera County SPCA and the animals we serve.

With my sincere gratitude,

Sharon Fitzgerald
President, EMCSPCA

Please donate for the following items not covered by the construction loan:

Autoclave for surgery (to sterilize instruments) — $2,000

Bottled water dispensers (bottom loading) — $150 x3

Cat condos for introduction room (12 with bases and feeding system) — $20,000

Chairs for front desk guests — $200 x3

Chairs for front desk reception — $250 x3

Computer system (laptops and tablets) — $10,000

Desktop printer for clinic and manager — $250 x2

Industrial, high-temperature, dishwasher for food prep room — $3,000

Dishwasher for staff room — $500

Folding chairs for education room (32 chairs on rolling cart) — $1,119 x2

Folding tables for education room (21 six-foot tables with rolling cart) — $1,929

Hydraulic grooming table for large dog — $500

Grooming tub — $1,800

Hand sanitizer stations — $119 x6

Lockers for staff and volunteer’s personal items — $900

Medical equipment (miscellaneous) — $5,000

Office furniture for interview office — $750

Office furniture for manager’s office — $2,000

Phone system — $3000

Refrigerator for food prep room — $400

Refrigerator for medical use — $400

Refrigerator for staff room — $600

Refrigerator for under counter in education room — $200

Retail fixtures (wall display and one gondola) — $700

14 stacking chairs (office and multi-use) — $500

Television for reception area (75” Samsung Smart TV) — $900

Television for education room (75″ Samsung Smart TV) — $900

Washer and dryer (HE commercial, 70 lb. capacity, high extraction) — $16,000

If you wish to specify a particular item for your donation, please email info@emcspca or call Sharon at 559-642-6611.

Your donation will make this happen!

Please donate today!

P.O. Box 1314
Oakhurst, CA 93644

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