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A Kids-Eye View Of Tenaya Lodge

Written by Abby Williams

FISH CAMP – In May, the fifth grade students from Oakhurst Elementary School went on a field trip to Tenaya Lodge near Yosemite. We had an awesome time and went on a scenic hike. I loved it!

First, we walked in a large loop. We saw huge trees, like Cedar and Sugar Pines. There were also smaller trees like Manzanita and White Fir trees.

We learned that you could use the Thornberry bush leaves as toilet paper, because the leaves are soft as velvet. We also learned about the ferns called fiddle head ferns that, when rolled up, are edible. When the ferns aren’t rolled up, they are poisonous.

Yosemite trees - photo by Kellie FlanaganAfter hiking, we took a tour of beautiful Tenaya Lodge. It has many attractions for visitors. First, we went to the kitchen where we met Chef Freddy. He let us go in the freezers! The second freezer is a lot colder that the first one. Plus, Chef Freddy surprised us by shutting the freezer doors on us! Everybody screamed at the top of their lungs. It was really fun!

After a tour of the kitchen we walked to a place called Summerdale. It is a kind of place you go for square dancing. It has a long table with wooden chairs, and a stage, which according to our guide is used to entertain the guests.

Actors perform Wild West plays while guests enjoy a BBQ. From there we were taken to the outdoor pool. It is a clean pool with lawn chairs and beach chairs all around it. There are actually two pools in the outdoor area. One is for kids and the other is mostly for adults. We exited the outdoor pool and walked to the indoor pool.

OES 5th Grade Classes on a field trip to Tenaya Lodge - May 2012 - Photo by Robin WardThe guide shared that swimmers can hear music being underwater! We then walked into the arcade where there are lots of games and prizes. We were only there for a short time, but I remember the arcade had a Pac-Man machine and other famous arcade games.

We walked through a longer hallway which led us into the sauna. There is a steam room and it smelled like cedar wood, complete with rocks you can put on your back when they are hot. The tour was awesome!

Hiking and touring the Tenaya Lodge was very cool because I’ve never been there before. I really hope I can stay there one day. I think it is a great hotel and a great place for hikers and tourists to stay.

Abby Williams is a recent graduate of OES

OES Oakhurst Elementary School Logo EaglesA Note from Principal Kathleen Murphy: Oakhurst Elemetary School students and staff are grateful to everyone at Tenaya Lodge for welcoming our students to their fabulous resort. Thanks go out specifically to General Manager Paul Ratchford, Banquet Manager Christopher Garrett and Executive Chef Frederick Clabaugh for their graciousness and time in providing a memorable experience for students in Robin Ward’s and Sherrie Clarke’s classes.

Oakhurst Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (OES PTC)

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