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7 Steps for Staging a Home For Sale

Television programming about staging has been misleading viewers about what Real Estate Staging really is. Hopefully this list, the information and the photos will help clarify some of the misunderstandings.

The goal of staging is to: Help a house sell for the most money possible, in the shortest amount of time.

The 7 steps to staging are:

1) Curb Appeal,

2) Repair or Replace,

3) Update,

4) Neutralize,

5) DeClutter,

6) Clean

7) Dramatize

Curb Appeal or Drive Up Appeal

You can’t sell a house unless the buyers feel compelled to get out of their car. If the exterior and the landscaping need attention, buyers may drive on to the next house on their list.

Which one of these homes is more appealing and make you want to get out of the car and see more?


If you don’t want to fix the problems neither will buyers, unless you are priced far below market value or you want a low-ball offer. Necessary repairs will cost you money in a sale.

7 Staging Steps 2

7 Staging Steps 3


I’ve never met a buyer that wanted to move into their grandparent’s or parent’s home. A home with finishes, fixtures and décor from the 90’s or before, are a hard sell.

The cost for updating this master bathroom was less than $500 in materials + labor.

Bathrooms and kitchen sell homes.

7 Staging Steps 4

Updating lighting need not be expensive to vastly improve the appearance of any room:

7 Staging Steps 5


Your paint, your wallpaper, your collections, your family photos, your decor…none of these help sell a HOUSE. A house FOR SALE must appeal to a broad base of potential buyers. Buyers want to imagine themselves moving into their new house NOT moving into your home.

A red kitchen is frequently a choice with my design clients but not all buyers love red and they see painting as a major obstacle in a purchase.

7 Staging Steps 6

Specialty paint finishes will not help sell your house.

7 Staging Steps 7

When you live (dwell) in a house your color choices are yours to make. When selling be prepared to make changes so that you can get the most money out of this major investment.

7 Staging Steps 8


Every inch of space in a HOUSE FOR SALE has a value. Buyers need to see that space not your stuff. Pack your things or have a yard sale now instead of later.

Walls, mantels and table tops full of family photos make potential buyers feel like they are intruding on your space and they are a total distraction. Pack them away.

7 Staging Steps 9

A house full of grandma’s collectibles, florals and wall-to-wall furniture feels even smaller than it is. Decluttering shows off the real estate that you’re trying to sell.

7 Staging Steps 10

7 Staging Steps 11Clean

A house for sale need to sparkle, shine and be cleaner than ever. No one wants to move in to someone else’s dirt.

Add Drama

Follow my articles and you will learn simple steps for adding drama. Or call a staging professional for a consultation. It’s money well spent with a focus on getting the highest dollar in the shortest amount of time. or

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