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5,000 Lbs. Of Trout Released At Bass Lake

BASS LAKE – The Department of Fish of Game (DFG) planted 5,000 pounds of rainbow trout at Bass Lake on Friday, Nov. 16. The trout were released into the lake at Ducey’s boat ramp on the east side of the lake on Friday morning.

The fish stocking caps Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) two-year dam retrofit project completed in cooperation with DFG.“Working together with outside organizations to reach a common goal where natural resources can be preserved while ensuring public safety needs are met is a win-win to me.” said Dr. Andy Gordus, DFG Staff Toxicologist.I could not be happier with this cooperative effort and outcome.”

This is first of several trout stockings planned to enhance fishing opportunities at the lake. DFG will plant another 4,000 pounds of trout in December, and PG&E will be stocking trophy fish near the Christmas holiday.

Throughout the retrofit, DFG worked closely with PG&E to monitor water quality and ensure fisheries were not impacted. DFG also helped the company develop its own trout stocking plan to help with lost fishing opportunities over the last two years.

PG&E’s seismic retrofit project at Bass Lake started in 2010. The upgrade of the 1,880-foot long, 145-foot high dam improved its ability to withstand earthquakes, brought it up to state and federal dam safety standards and will allow PG&E to maintain reliable power generation.

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