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15,000 Facebook Fans – It’s All Your Fault!

CENTRAL SIERRA — It’s intense, it’s fast-paced, it’s challenging, and some days it’s really a pain in the rear. But most of all, producing Sierra News Online is intensely rewarding.

Four years ago we launched SNO with the promise that “if it’s happening in our little corner of the world, you’ll find it on Sierra News Online,” along with an invitation to “Tell Us Your Story.”

On Monday, June 20, we hit the incredible number of 15,000 Facebook fans! With the population of our coverage area at about 35,000, we think that’s pretty amazing!

With no idea just how big this website would become,  we have rethought, reworked and readjusted as we’ve gone along, allowing the site to grow organically with the audience.

Though Kellie and I are always pedaling as fast as we can to keep up with breaking news and everything happening in all the communities of this mountain area, every day brings new challenges and new rewards. One thing is constant — we love what we do and all the people who make Sierra News Online such an important part of mountain life.

Heading into the busy summer season, we are celebrating our 4th anniversary, and want to acknowledge every one of our readers, and especially our advertisers and subscribers, for their continued support.

As always, we invite you to become a sustaining member of SNO. We’re all in this together, and your participation is vital to the care and feeding of Sierra News Online. We can’t do it without you. No seriously, we can’t!


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