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Cause Of Death Released For Man Who Died After Detwiler Fire Arrest

MARIPOSA — The cause of death of Mariposa resident Daniel Thomas, who died on July 27, has been determined following the receipt of the toxicology reports.

According the coroner’s report, Thomas died of “methamphetamine intoxication” after being transported to the hospital following his release from the Mariposa County Jail.

On July 22, Thomas was arrested along with another man, for “trespassing upon closed lands PC 602(p)” after the two failed to stay on their own property while the community was under a mandatory evacuation order during the Detwiler Fire.

Neither man was found to be in possession of stolen property, nor were they going to be charged for any type of theft, says the Sheriff’s Office. They were cited for their actions and released.

On July 27, sheriff’s deputies received reports of a suspicious vehicle, and when they responded to the area, they encountered Thomas and a second individual.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, deputies began talking to the two men, at which point Thomas became extremely agitated and was exhibiting erratic behavior. He was taken into custody at 10:40 a.m. on a misdemeanor charge of  “resisting, obstructing and delaying a peace officer.”

Thomas was taken to the Mariposa County Jail, where he went through the booking procedure starting at 11:15 a.m., and was released at 12:19 p.m.

Just a few minutes later, he went back into the jail and told staff that he needed an ambulance. He was transported to the local hospital where he died of methamphetamine intoxication, according to the coroner’s report.

Daniel Thomas was just 38 years old when he died.


  1. Daniel was afraid for his life everyday!!! Afraid to be framed or blackmailed He had every right yo feel that way. It was not paranoia

    When they arrested him he was not doing anything wrong. Daniel would not even drove to store without license. The sheriff followed him closely from his house to where he was checking checking his timing belt on the Bonneville… There is no call of s suspicious persons
    It’s all lies to cover up their wrong doing. Something Mariposa is famous for since th 80’s… When in jail there we’re witnesses to his condition. He was showing symptoms of high intoxication that included massive sweating, holding his chest, gasping for air, his face was pale and he was asking for s bucket to throw up in. Staff had to of noticed that he needed help. Instead of taking care of him because he is a human being and deserves help like anyone else. The jail staff was more than likely told by their supervisor to release him ASAP. It’s their protocol to do so if they feel inmate to be a costly bill or a liability. The county did not want to pay thousands of dollars for his care.

    Daniel already had his day in court with a day to turn himself into a Drug Rehabilitation Program. Det.Charmin and the rest of the Mariposa Sheriff Department knew that. It just wasn’t good enough to see Daniel get help for his personal problem of addiction …. They wanted him locked away in prison. Mariposa Sheriff’s Department we’re instead playing their usual game of cat and mouse. This is NOT OK. There are laws to protect us as well. WE are people who yes may have a drug problem, but we are Mothers, We are Fathers, We are Doctors, We are Lawyers, and we are Human.. All of us deserve a chance to live! and learn to live happily. My friend Daniel’s chance to live was taken from him because of the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Department. They chose to harass this man daily and did not get the proper care in Mariposa County jail.
    Daniel Thomas was a awesome person, Someone who felt it necessary to hide his huge heart because of cruel people. He was a awesome Dad supportive friend and s beautiful person that would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need.
    He was not a thief, He was not a cheat, and he was not a liar. He was a beautiful person.
    You will never understand what a great person you took from us. He can no longer speak for himself but I and everyone who loves Daniel can. We will not go away until someone pays and something is done.

  2. Thank you who ever wrote the above statement. I am Daniiel’s foster mother. I lost someone I loved dearly.
    I don’t need to defend my sons character, those who new him, are well aware. First I am curious as the need to publicly announce his cause of death…? I am appauled that mug shot is back up, if you needed a picurtue (Gina Clugston), the family would have gladly supplied you with a photo that depicts who he was, Not a mug shot taken for an arrest of petty charges. I noticed in prior reports it was stated over and over “he was not in custody when he collasped”, what is the need to continue to emphasize this? I would like to speak to any wittnesses the his being at the Sheriffs office. I do not believe Daniel Thomas should have died that day.

  3. I would like to know why the article was written at all??? 2 and a half months after Daniel’s death. It showed no compassion for Daniel’s family and friend’s. Could it possibly be part of a cover up ???

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